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Painting Project

Today- We will start off the day by looking through and discussing your past projects- window light portrait and the constructed portrait.

After completing this, we will then move onto the Painting Project. You need to find a large file size(at least 1000 pixels on the long side) image of a well known painting that contains multiple people. You will select one of the people in the painting that you will replace with yourself. If you want to help your grade out, replace others in the painting with images of your friends. We will be using various Photoshop filters and techniques to help make it look authentic.

I will give a demonstration on finding paintings that are large enough in file size to make sure that you meet this requirement of the assignment.

For today’s post- Facebook. There is no doubt that Facebook has been a real game changer for just about everything in the owrld- the way we communicate, share thoughts, and share photos. Facebook just announced that you can now UPLOAD MUCH LARGER PHOTOS and then people will be able to download these large photos. What do you think of this? Is the ability to share larger file sized photos good or bad? Why? Will you want to upload large file sizes to facebook? Are you concerned that people will be able to download these much larger file sizes and possibly make large prints, advertisements, etc. with these files? Why or why not?

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  1. L_A_U_R_E_N_N_M_C_K_E_N_Z_I_E says:

    What do you think of this? Is the ability to share larger file sized photos good or bad? Why? Will you want to upload large file sizes to facebook? Are you concerned that people will be able to download these much larger file sizes and possibly make large prints, advertisements, etc. with these files? Why or why not?
    I think that this is super cool and it will just make facebook more benificial, I think that its a good thing because there really isn’t anything bad about it and I hate how small the pictures are. I will want to up load larger pictures because it will be easier for family and friends to see what I’m uploading.
    I don’t really think that people will do anything bad with these like make advertisements because people could do that now, and I think if people started to do that then they would just make the pictures small again.

  2. C0//33/|/_P@rK3R says:

    I think this is dumb! Its good. but I think that the sizes are fine and i think nobody should be able to download anyone elses photos…

  3. K@y1@ Alb3rt50n says:

    Well I don’t think it really matters because the photos are on there so I don’t think it maters how large the picture is. I think the photos are fine the size they are but I guess it could be a good thing because then you can upload any picture onto face book. I don’t think I will upload larger images that what I have been doing. I don’t think that this is something to concern about if they make large prints and all that stuff because you can post what you want to on face book as long as its fine and no one reports it.

  4. jA-tripleX-ON $u++13myre says:

    I think it is a bad thing because now that we have large photos on facebook people that upload quality photos can now have their pictures copied and stolen. This may also slow down facebook but I doubt it because that is one of their largest goals is speed. If everyone started stealing others photos then we could never trust people photographs anymore.

  5. M@CK3NZ!3 R!CH@RD5 says:

    I’ve never really paid attention to the size of any image I upload so personally I’m not concerned. Even though I’m not concerned for myself I do see how this could be a problem. Someone may go on a trip and take a really great picture and post it on facebook to show everyone how great it was and then some idiot could print it, copy it whatever and sell it to a magazine as their own. If I were the person who actually took the picture I’d be pissed..

  6. @v3ry_w0!f says:

    I think this is a good and bad thing. Sharing large file sizes will make it easy to get pictures of you and your friends and family that have been posted. It would allow people to to show their friends and possible customers for photo shoots better quality photos they’ve taken. It will also make it really easy for others to steal your work. I won’t want to upload large file sizes because I don’t post photos that are good enough to benefit from the large size or that I want others to download. I would be concerned if people were able to take my photos and sell them or use them as their own. Not that they couldn’t already, this would make it just that much easier.

  7. \/\/y@++ F1+zg3rald says:

    I really don’t have any opinion on this. I’ve never tried to upload a huge photo onto facebook anyway. There really doesn’t need to be a big debate about this they’re just pictures.

  8. K@!t-Lyn @u$t!n says:

    I do not really have a problem with this new way though I do like the old way better. I think it will make it harder for people to advertise that big of file size but other then that I don’t think that it will affect many people.

  9. k@!tl!n Mot_t says:

    I think this is a pretty good idea to have the pictures larger. Having other people be able to download them is kind of a good thing and a bad thing. It is good because if your friend uploaded a picture of you and them and you like it now you can get it for yourself. It is bad because if there was a crazy person they could download your picture and keep it. I would like to put bigger photos on facebook. It is also a bad idea to have them able to download them big companies can use your photos easier.

  10. Jo3y Toff3y says:

    I think this is okay, I don’t really care if you can or not cause I don’t need to ever, but hey maybe I will someday. I don’t think its bad so I guess it’ll have to be good, so then everybody can really see the detail in everything. I will probably not want to upload giant sized photos, so its fine with me. Im not concerned because I don’t think anyone will and if they do I’ll sue them and get money. :D

  11. \|/Y@TT |)i\/I|\|3 says:

    The ability to upload hi- res photos to Facebook is neither good or bad. On one hand, people will be able to share photos that have better quality than before, which is a plus. But a downside to this is that someone could easily steal your high resolution photograph and claim it as their own. Facebook may run slower, which would be pretty bad. Youtube used to stream a 3 minute video in a few seconds, but now I can stream 10 seconds before the video stops. Most people on Facebook won’t use the high resolution feature, though. Most users upload photos taken from a phone or small camera, so a high resolution feature wouldn’t be relevant.

  12. M@dison P@lm says:

    I don’t see the problem in doing this. There isn’t really a need to have huge files sizes on Facebook because it can only appear as big as Facebook will allow it to. If you upload a large image then you’re just asking for it to be taken or stolen. I think that it does make it easier for people to use for other things without your permission but that just means you should make sure your photos are well known and easy to identify as yours.

  13. c@m! 3g@n says:

    I think that this is a good idea. Because when I am taking pictures I always forget to change the setting to change the size of the pictures. I think this can be very good for Facebook. This way people can upload better and more fun pictures. I don’t really know what some pictures can be uploaded and some can’t. This is really not a good or bad thing. If people do start to upload larger files, is that good? Because if we all upload huge files, than how do we know that it is not going to cover a lot more memory on our computers. Well I guess there are good and bad to this. I am not going to say everything because I am already rambling. This is definitely going to hit the advertisers really good some companies are going to take advantage of this. I just hope when you log in to Facebook that it is not going to be just all adds. I hope that you will be able to have fun on Facebook instead of having to go through all the adds before you become non-interested.

  14. warnerbro's says:

    i dont really care all that much. none of the pictures that i have tried to put onto facebook have been denied so i dont have that problem. also i just think it is out there to try and get more and more people to come and use it now that they are “making facebook better”. The whole thing of being able to download others pictures has been there so there is nothing that is really changing. it used to be save image as, not it is download. i really dont see a difference unless you count the folder it goes into originally. i am really not all that worried that people can take the pictures off of there for people can already do that anyway. so in other words they are just putting a different name to what you could have already done. i think that it may start to slow it down but i dont think that it will by much. i just think that what they are calling it now was already an ability on there.

  15. j^k3 B@d#^$on says:

    ummmm…. well i kinda like the new photo window on facebook, because it makes it easier to look at pictures, with better quality. but it could be bad because now since the photos are bigger they take up more space on the national datebase, which means it will fill up even faster because more and more pictures are getting loaded every day. which means will have to keep up with the higher demand for internet space.

  16. mru$$3ll93 says:

    Facebook has become a one stop shop for family and friends to collaborate and share photos. This allows long distance relationships to remain strong and to further enhance that, being able to download full size images may help. Now, people can go to one place and be able to grow their own personal photo libraries of their friends and family by downloading these high quality images. Of course, there is always a risk of people stealing your work and should not be overlooked. With technology today advancing so rapidly, Facebook is just taking their own step in staying with the times. I can only see these type of enhancements on different sites becoming more and more common and necessary to stay “game”. Because anything having to do with backtracking is nonexistent in the world of technology. At least, that is, if you want to stay in business.

  17. t0m tr0x31 says:

    I that this isn’t that bad of a idea, I mean most websites you do have to pay. I don’t really think it matters that people would be able to download, your photos, but if you do really care then set your account to private, and don’t add every single person as a friend. Also who would use some random persons photos from facebook as a advertisement, with out getting caught.

  18. C_A_S_S_I_D_I_M_A_R_T_I_N_ says:

    It doesn’t really matter to me that facebook lets you upload larger pictures now and I wouldn’t really consider it better or worse. It does kind of bother me that people can download the pictures and possibly make larger prints of them and I wouldn’t appreciate it if someone did that but I guess there is nothing I can do about it.

  19. K@Y+33 HUN+3R says:

    I like this idea. I think the ability to share larger photos is a bad idea, you probably wouldn’t have room of a lot of pictures. I wouldn’t want to upload larger files to facebook. I’m not to concerned about making large prints and advertisements with these files. It just doesn’t really concern me.

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