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Work on Speech Prompt


Be working on the prompt project with the photos from the speech class. Make an 8X10 landscape canvas @ 300 ppi. Get the 3 (or more) images on there so they are looking nice, having at least 1 of them overlapping another one. Once you get all the images on there and they are looking beautiful, put a black and white adjustment layer over the top.

For the text on this- make a text box under each of the images (bodies) in the bottom portion of the canvas. Use Palatino font, black color- no exceptions on this. Write out your full prompt that you read to the speech student.

For today’s post- We have been talking about fair use and using other people’s images. There was a recent court case where a photographer sued Richard Prince. Prince stated that he used the images but changed them enough to make them his own images, see the article HERE. The courts have ruled that he did not change the images enough to claim fair use and make the images his own. What do you think? If these were your images would you think that he changed them enough to make the images his own, especially after not asking for permission to use the images?

For Spring break- THE STUDENT movie poster.

60 Responses to “Work on Speech Prompt”

  1. c@m! 3g@n says:

    I think that this is just a mistake. If someone wants to mess with other peoples pictures than he just needs a life. Obviously they were the other guys pictures first, and this guy just wanted to mess with him. He did no change the pictures to were they looked like a whole new photograph. If he would have changed the contasts, and the color balances, maybe faded it and made it look like it was from a different century than maybe he would have got away with it. No I am not saying that it is perfectly correct and that he did the right thing I am just saying if he really wanted to mess with the guy than maybe he should have put a little more effort into it.

  2. jA-tripleX-ON $u++13myre says:

    I think that he deserved the punishment and was found guilty. If these were my images I would not think that they were changed enough to allow him to make copies without my permission or consent.

  3. ky!i3 h@rw0od says:

    I think this is ridiculous. If these were my images I would be livid if he said that he changed them enough to make them his own, especially after not asking or permission to use the images. I would sue the guy too.

  4. T3r3$@ Ch@p!n says:

    I think that if these images were my images than I would feel the same way and feel the need to punish the one guy who changes them to try to make them his own. Honestly I do not think that the guy changed the photo enough to make it his own because first off you shouldn’t take someone else’s photo and try to make it your own. Its wrong.

  5. +3!y@ /\/\((lUrK!n says:

    I think that this guy just needs to become a photographer himself and get a life. He didn’t change the pictures basically at all. If he enjoys editing pictures, then take some pictures yourself and edit them the way you want.

  6. M@dison P@lm says:

    I think that it is copyright no matter what you do to it because you didn’t take the original. I would be suuuuupa mad if someone took my photo and tried to manipulate it so much that it doesn’t look like the original. After all that effort the person put into this they should of just taken their own photo. I don’t like the fact that people steal other peoples property.

  7. @v3ry_w0!f says:

    I think Richard Prince definitely violated copyright laws. Even if he changed the photos much more than he did, he was still stealing the photos. He claimed that he changed the photos enough that it was legal under fair use. He barely changed the pictures at all in my opinion. I would be upset if these were my images. He did not change them enough and I would like him to ask for permission no matter what. It would make me more mad if instead if admitting he stole them, he claimed it was legal under fair use.

  8. Jul!ana Z@j!cek says:

    I think Richard Prince really messed up. Even though the photos were changed, they were still stolen from the photographer. I think he hardly even changed the photos to begin with. He needs to come to terms that he clearly violated copyright laws, he should just admit it.

  9. M@(k3nz13 Ph!11!ps says:

    I think he is for surely in the wrong. He did not change the photos enough, not even close to say he changed them enough to make them his. He says he changed them to enough for under fair use,but I think he barely changed them in my opinion. If these were my images I would be upset. He didn’t even like change them, and no matter what he needed permission. He claimed it was fair use, but it kind of seemed like he stole them.

  10. C_A_S_S_I_D_I_M_A_R_T_I_N_ says:

    I personally agree with the courts. I don’t think he changed the images enough to make them his own images and I don’t think that he even really changed them that much. I mean, there was a little bit of editing here and there but nothing really different about the picture. I’d be pretty livid if these were my photos, especially if he didn’t ask for permission first.

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