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Room photos

Today- We will look at and discuss your room photos and then move onto a short Photoshop tutorial.

The tutorial is to mimic the look of a tilt-shift lens. The tutorial does a good job to recreate the look, although is not a replacement for the real deal (these lenses are expensive). Choose one of your photos, if you have one shot from above that would work better.

6th Period-  As you can see, I am not here. I am at home with a sick child. Go through the tutorial with at least 3 photos, I will be checking on this tomorrow.

For the tutorial- Take your time and go through step by step.

-You gradient tool is located under your paint bucket tool.

- To get the gradient tool as the “reflective gradient” go to the top of the screen in your too options bar. There are 5 little square options, the 4th one over is the reflective (says so when you hold your mouse over it).  Make sure that you foreground color is black and your background color is white.

-Lastly, make sure that when on your gradient tool menu at the top, the first  box (to the left of the 5 square options) is s smooth black to white gradient.

Follow the instructions, help each other out.




For today’s post- Do you let companies use your images and make money off of them without knowing it? You might! Read HERE.

“…you hereby grant Twitpic a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, sublicenseable and transferable license to use, reproduce, distribute, prepare derivative works of…” and “…after you remove or delete your media from the Service provided that any sub-license by Twitpic to use, reproduce or distribute the Content prior to such termination may be perpetual and irrevocable.”

Twitpic is not the only photo sharing app with heinous ToS’es. According to thenextweb.com:

picplzColoryFrogInstagramFlickr, and Lockerz (fka Plixi), all have similar clauses to those of Twitpic”

What do you think of this? Do you use any of these online sites? Are you aware of what you agree to? Should these companies be allowed to make money off your images since you are not paying them anything to host your images?

57 Responses to “Room photos”

  1. jA-tripleX-ON $u++13myre says:

    I do use a few of these sites and this is a little concerning. I am not too worried because I only have a handfull of photos on them but it could still affect me. I do not think that these companies should be able to do this but this is the way it is so there isn’t much I can do. I think it would suck to have your photos be making money for some random company over in B.F.E. The world likes their money I guess.

  2. t0m tr0x31 says:

    I think that they are not allowed to take any photo they want, even if it is a free website, because we do kinda of pay them, from ads. I do use flickr, I find this kinda of surprised, that they can take any of my photos. They are not allowed to be making money off me.

  3. 3r1n M((011y says:

    I think this is very concerning. I think I use some of these sites but really I doubt that this would affect me much. Don’t get me wrong it would suck if someone was getting paid for your work but it is getting harder and harder to protect things. If you don’t want it getting out simply don’t post it on the internet. The world is a greedy place, get used to it.

  4. M@(k3nz13 Ph!11!ps says:

    I don’t think they should be able to take any photo they want. No, I don’t use flicker, but I would be surprised if I did that anyone can take my photos and make money. I wouldn’t allow it at all. If you don’t want your photos taken don’t put them on the internet. This place is so bad you can’t trust anyone, so why chance it.

  5. M@dison P@lm says:

    I don’t get online much and haven’t been to these sites before but I understand how this could occur. I think you can safely post photos online just don’t be dumb about it. If you don’t want someone to steal it from you and make money then don’t post it or make it so they can’t save it or make it there’s. This companies shouldn’t be allowed to do this obviously, but they do and you just have to protect your work like you would gold. Or just make the resolution small enough to where they can’t do anything with it. If anyone should be making money it’s the creator.

  6. warnerbros says:

    I think that this is not right. I do not use any of the sites that were named but i think that it is not right that people are taking what others make and use them for their own benefits. I truly think that people need to start putting marks on the pictures so that people cant take them. I personally do not think that people realize what they agree to but they just agree to them and not read them for they do not want to read them. The companies that are using the pictures so that they can have their own benefits and making money off them is wrong for the fact that the people are not paying anything to host the pictures but companies are making money off the pictures that others took. I think that the companies that are making money off the photos should be fined so that people are not getting messed over with the whole fact that people can just take the pictures of people or things and others make money for them.

  7. M@CK3NZ!3 R!CH@RD5 says:

    I wouldn’t be happy at all if I found out people were making money of my photos without paying me or with out even notifying me. No, I don’t use any of these sites but I do post some of my photos on facebook which people can easily take my photos from there. So I guess the only solution is, if you don’t want your photos being taken, don’t post them online.

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