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Garry Winogrand photo

Today- Download and your photos from the weekend and edit your photos. Select your best one (that is a great moment- a slice of life photo in the style of Garry Winogrand).  Convert your final image into black and white to turn in. WIth this in mind, color is not a factor. THink about composition only, not color. Of course exposure, focus, etc. are critical as well, but not color. Find a slice of life that is interesting, tells how life is today, how people live, what people do. The best way to convert to black and white is using the black and white adjustment layer. Turn into the WINOGRAND folder in the assignment folder.

Preview to next assignment (BRING CAMERA TOMORROW!!!)- http://www.expertphotography.com/picasso-style-cross-section-self-portrait-trick-photoshop  Read through this to get an idea of what you will be doing and how to do it!


For today’s post- Seven Ways Photographers can Improve their Creative Workflow. Read through this great list. You know what to do- How can you use this information? How WILL you use it in not only this class, but life? What is your favorite on the list/ what is the most important bit of advice?  This was written by Scott Bourne (no relation to the movie/book character Jason Bourne, at least I don’t think so), quickly becoming one of my favorite photographers.


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  1. m!cHae7 $chMidT says:

    This information is helpful. I like the idea of the “idea book”. I think staying organized and keeping your ideas in a journal can help a person when taking pictures. I also like the last tip saying, ” think about what the final picture will look before taking the picture”. I like this because it makes the person visualize and its a proven fact visualizing is extremely helpful and productive. These can help in this class and in life.

  2. k@telyn_j0hns0n says:

    You know what to do- How can you use this information? How WILL you use it in not only this class, but life? What is your favorite on the list/ what is the most important bit of advice?
    I mostly like all the tips. I like the one where it says reshoot your photo. I would use it just in case if one photo looks bad you would have a replacement. I also like the one when it says “schedule your time.” I would use it to have a routine, so I know what is gonna go next.

  3. 2@cH 05m@n5ki says:

    I like several of these ideas and feel that they could apply to my everyday life. I like the one about looking at other photographers work because this will help you get ideas and to help you further the quality of your work. This can get out of hand if you just flat out copy the work of others, but to a point it is actually very helpful to see what other people are working on.

  4. ;0hn (0nr*y says:

    I can use this information for photography by getting inspiration and ideas from other photographers. These tips are also helpful for creativity ideas. In life I can use these tips to visualize my plan for my future. My favorite on the list is number 5 because If I messed up the first time I took the picture, after a while as I learn more skills, I should be able to make the same shot look a lot better.

  5. Kassidy Carlson says:

    I can use this information not only in class but outside of class to. 1 that is a great idea to keep an idea book around. So when you’r not in class or not in a photo shoot you mind is still open and thinking of creative photography ideas. 5) I beileve reshooting a picture you have already shot in the beginning is a great idea to see what you used to do wrong and just to improve in the future. Think about everything you have done and put it towards a new project. 2) schedule time to shoot, if were not doing photography in class we should have time outside of school to just take pictures so we can increase the chances we can come up with something more creative. My favorite probably has to be 5, because, i like to reshoot something i have done awhile ago just to see how much i have improved and what i used to do wrong.

  6. Gr@nt C0n3ry says:

    I actually really like all of these creative tips. I can apply these to my life by using them everyday. If I do something everyday and incorporate it into my daily routine. Then that thing won’t be forgotten or skipped. Also I can apply it to my life by being organized, more creative and have an active way of thinking. My favorite tip is, think about what you want your photo to look like as a finished product, then press the shutter. This is very true in the sense that if you are thinking how you want the picture to turn out, then it has a better chance of turning out that way. But sometimes it is better to just start taking pictures. Then that way you actually are taking pictures. And the more you take the bigger the flow there will be. Very good blog post, I really enjoyed these tips.

  7. C@!+1!n Mu11@1y says:

    I can use these in this class by putting a lot of thought into the pictures I want to take ahead of time. In life, I can use things like number 5. If I re-do something I did in the past with more thought and effort, it might be a good learning experience. Also prioritizing my time so I get things that I might put off done earlier. Instead of spending a long time on the computer, do whatever it is I need to first, then do what I want. I think I’d actually find I’d be glad to get it done sooner, and then it might make me want to do it more. I like number 6 about mixing things that don’t normally go together. That could make really cool pictures and you could be really creative with it.

  8. Dy11@n B@rn3s says:

    I like the very first idea on hear keep an idea book. Because when you are a real artist you have ideas on top of ideas and ideas. And most likely you will not be able to remember all of your ideas when working on another one. So I think that this is actually a great idea to do. I also like the very next one schedule time to shoot everyday. Now everyday might get a little hard depending on what you have going on in your life between jobs and kids. But even if you have kids you could always plan to shoot them and depending on your job you could always shoot at work. Another one that I like is the one that talks about looking at other photographers work. I like this one because sometimes people can learn from others from the work they do. And it may also help you get more ideas to do when looking at others work, or even just different ways to photograph things that you have already photographed or wanted to photograph. Once again another great one is the reshoot something that you shot at the beginning of your career because you will probably look at the photo and think of ways you can change it so much and make yourself appreciate it just that much more.

  9. J@C0B_B3HM says:

    I think that this is a really awesome list. All of these are really awesome ideas for photography. I think one of the best of these ideas is look at others work. It could inspire you to get new creative ideas. This photographer guarantees it in fact. I think this can be applied in nearly every aspect of life. You can look at fellow student’s assignments to see different ideas or perspectives to get inspired. You could do it with coworkers to get inspired to do different creative work too. I also like the one that says reshoot photographs you took at the beginning of your career. It could be interesting to see how your ideas have changed and how your style has changed as well. This could be a cool way to see how you have improved.

  10. R@(h3l (h@ff33 says:

    I can use this information so i can become a better photographer, in the future and hopefully become a professional and go to college with this skill. This may even help me when i try and do criminal justice when i apply but I’m not sure yet tho but it will hope.

  11. $@m !_EE says:

    I think #4 Look at lots of other photographers’ work is one of the more relevant to us students. There is and endless number of images that we can observe and analyze, and looking at other photographers’ work helps you come up with your own creative images. For example, say you take an image of an object. You look at another photographer’s work and notice he uses a much different angle of shooting on his (different) subject. That therefore inspires you to retake a picture of your own image to make it look better.

  12. R0m@n Kl@n9 says:

    I think this information is useful for taking portraits, but I dont know if it effects me right now. This is one of hose things I keep in my mind for later use ;P. My favorite is number 7. Just helping figure out where you wanna go in life. LIke which career path. The first on is good too because, keeping a journal is a good way to keep down your thoughts. Also a planner is helpful too.

  13. Jo$ie br@wn says:

    I can use this information in school by making time to study every day, and learn from successful students’ study habits. By picking up on these study habits it will make me a better student. In photography class I can find time in my day to take photos. In class I can learn from my classmates’ photos to help my photos. In life I can find time to do what is important to me and pick role models that will help me reach my goals. My favorite tip is “Look at a lot of others photographers’ photos.” I also think that this is the most important. I think that it is very important to have a good role model in your life. By analyzing other people’s work you can learn so much. You can also learn from their mistakes.

  14. s@mi_ k0s$ says:

    Period 1- Absent.
    This is a great handful of information. I think reshooting a picture you took at the beginning of the year is an awesome way to see how much you’ve learned and improved over the year. This is a big part of school in general. How we take tests in the beginning, and in the end, and between every chapter. We’re seeing how much we’ve learned and how we can apply it. If my favorite isn’t that tip, it’s probably number 1. Keep an idea book. It’s always a good idea to have something handy to look at or make new ideas and goals.

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