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Finish Picasso

Today- Just to make sure all know why we are calling this the Picasso project, it has to do with Cubism, a movement that he did not start, but he is known for. You can see that Cubism is showing multiple angles of a subject at the same time in the same image. That is our attempt with this project. If things did not work out yesterday, feel free to reshoot today to make it better.

FRIDAY- I will be posting the EOCA requirements and talking about it, going over some things in PS to make sure you all know how to do this, and there are no questions (review tomorrow).

For today’s post- Some of you may be familiar with Neil Gaiman, amazing author, recently gave a speech at a college graduation where he gave some great advice. Some of this advice was put into comic form HERE. Read through this… what do you think of his advice?

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  1. P@y+0n N!3ls3n says:

    I think that his advice is probably some of the best I’ve heard, I think that one of the best things to do with stress, anger, and all those raw emotions is create something amazing with it. All we can do is what we know but the point is to make the most of it and do the best with it that we can. Whenever I get angry or down I paint, this helps me get everything out and be happy with my end product.

  2. K3113n Ha/\//\/0/\/ says:

    I actually think that this is pretty good advice. It’s saying that no matter what happens in your life, art can still get you by and help you get through tough things in your life. He’s also saying that when bad things happen to you, turn those terrible things into good art. Basically all he’s saying is that if you’re an artist, art can help you get through all the tough things in life, if you like sports, sports can help you get through all the hard things in life, just keep your head up and do you what you like to do, and you’ll make it through.

  3. $@m !_EE says:

    This is great advice. I think that art makes a great stress-reliever. (I think they should have included a musician.) I have found this to be very true with music. I don’t like being forced or pressured to create art or playing music, but when I do it for my own pleasure and leisurely, I play my best. Playing music for me is a great tool to relax and take my mind off my homework or other stressful things. It allows me to express myself, and I can do it as much or as little as I like. I even sometimes like to draw for kicks and giggles because it just gives me a bit of peace in my mind. Art is a priceless way of expression and relieving stress.

  4. $@r@ W@!k3r says:

    I think the advice he gives us is really good. Make good art, I think is meaning that making art can get you away from the bad things in life. It is really a good way to express yourself. It means you can get all your anger out when you need it, you can just make art out of it.

  5. 43!_1 p@_^ says:

    I like his advice. But, you can’t always fix your problems by doing something creative or doing something you do best. Drawing cant always fix your problems. I do like his advice though. Doing something that you enjoy or doing something that you are good at is good at can help you get through your problems in an easier way by taking your mind off of it, or reminding you that life goes on. It all depends on the situation and what it is you are doing. It also depends on the person. But, over all I like this quote.

  6. C@!+1!n Mu11@1y says:

    I think his advice is good. He’s saying when things don’t go the way you planned or something doesn’t work out, don’t complain, make something good out of it by expressing yourself with art. The best art has emotion behind it, so if you feel emotion, it would turn out better than without it. It could also just help you get your feelings out and feel better. Nothing is ever going to go perfectly, nothing does in life, so expecting there to never be problems isn’t reasonable, so finding a way to let your feelings out would be good.

  7. m!cHae7 $chMidT says:

    I enjoyed looking through this. Its cute and the pictures are clever. The message behind it though is the best part of it. Life does get rough at times and there are ups and downs. People need to fight through tough times and find the good in things. The message is to make good art, meaning find the good in things. Make the best of the situation. I agree with message. I like it.

  8. k@telyn_j0hns0n says:

    Read through this… what do you think of his advice?
    I like his advice. It was very nice. I think it means, when your down don’t stop doing anything. Show your creativity. I think if your down, stuck in a situation, in the hospital, maybe draw a story. Express yourself. I would definitely use this advice.

  9. Gr@nt C0n3ry says:

    This is very awesome work. I also think this is great advice. I am no artist but I’m sure it is great for relieving stress. I think that people should take up the arts so that they have something productive to do when they are stressed. Especially so they can enjoy it too. But I guess it is not for everyone. When I get stressed I tend to build stuff. More electrical things. No matter who you are you can surly enjoy one of the types of arts. So overall really cool cartoons. They make a lot of sense. You can learn a lot from other people you just have to be willing to listen to their ideas. And in this case, it is doing art.

  10. R0m@n Kl@n9 says:

    After a long time of bad posts finally one I really think is good! I loved this comic. I normally dont like comics but this one I thoroughly enjoyed. I even read it twice. It had a good message too, the message was to do what your good at. And when things get down in the dumps, dont give up! I feel as if the politicians wife part had something to do with him in real life. Some kind of inside joke that I dont understand -_-.

  11. J@C0B_B3HM says:

    I think that this is really good advice. What is he saying is that when things go wrong, make art. Turn your pain or anger into art. Doing art or photography or writing can release a lot of this stress that could be built up. I really enjoy this comic. I think that it is sending a good message for people to do more art.

  12. M@rk N(tte1m@n says:

    Some of you may be familiar with Neil Gaiman, amazing author, recently gave a speech at a college graduation where he gave some great advice. Some of this advice was put into comic form HERE. Read through this… what do you think of his advice?

    He gives some different advice than I’ve heard. If life is tough you should do some art. I kind of like this logic because art can relax people and it is a way for expressing emotions. It is also fun and it can take your mind off of whatever is bothering you at the time. I like that it is written as a cartoon because it makes it more lighthearted.

  13. R33!d W00153Y says:

    I really like this comic. It really is true, art is great way to cope and express your feelings. When your feeling bad or stressed you can channel it into a piece of art. Any art: some people sing, some paint, some draw, some write. No matter what method you use art is a great way to express the way you feel.

  14. Dy11@n B@rn3s says:

    I think that this is a pretty good comic. I love reading comics in the paper, makes my day every time I do. This hear was kind of confusing to me at first, but towards the end I started understanding what was going on. I think that this is a very creative and different comic. At least for me it is when I am use to reading just funny comics that are just super short quick little skits. But the whole point to this one is make good art obviously but I think that it is also trying to say that do what you know best. Pursue your dreams and do them the best that you most absolutely can do. Not even just with art though. Things just in life like general things. Just do what you can only do best.

  15. Aubr3y says:

    I think that this can be really helpful. I like the one about your husband running off with a politician the best. This advice can actually be really helpful in times of distress, sadness, or even happiness to express yourself in healthy ways.

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