Shoot, discuss, and weekend assignment

Today– We will do a quick shoot of one photo, come back to class, add it to the folder form your shoot yesterday. We will then discuss your photos and vote on them. I want to get you some feedback on your images.

WEEKEND ASSIGNMENTMini-worlds.  HERE is a more advanced version of it. Want one more? Huh?! DO YOU? Well, you asked for it, HERE it is. You will need to shoot at least 3 different images that will work for this so on Monday you can create a few of them, following these tutorials. What type of images do you need? Good landscapes with good sky in them, perhaps even get tall buildings? Going to Spokane this weekend? Perfect!

For today’s post– The next advanced photo student is……wait for it…… you ready? You sure? Okay, for today it is Chase Lamphier. You know the routine by now, comment, copy and paste it back here.

59 thoughts on “Shoot, discuss, and weekend assignment

  1. These photos are pretty cool. I like the use of leading lines on the picture under the bridge. The reflection kind of extends the lines also and I thought that was pretty cool. But my favorite one was the ones with the goggles.

  2. These are some really awesome photos! They are all really powerful, strong images. These shots have good concepts and fantastic editing. I really like the reflection in the second picture because it is different than any photos I have seen before. The first picture has nice tone, contrast, and the criss-crossing lines look great. The bright clean colors in it give it a really fresh look. I love the antique feel to the last picture and all of the white space really looks nice. You have some really great photos!!

  3. These are really interesting! They’re unique. I agree with Twitch though, expand on it more.
    Oh, and Twitch: You make me not want to come to class on Fridays. I am not we we we so excited. 🙂

  4. This photo is my absolute favorite. I really like the editing and the lighting and the colors. I also like the facial reactions of everyone and I like how Brooklyn is like, OHMYGOD. haha. The only thing I don’t like is the guy from the right of Justin Bieber’s face is really white. Other than that I think this is a really cool, creative photo. I love it. It definitely caught my eye.

  5. I really like how you desaturated the pictures because it lets it all blend in and doesn’t have too many distractions. Like Twizzard said, you should try to get some variety in your angles and shots. The ankles and calves usually show a good amount of strain that can make for a good picture when climbing. Try doing a large aperture to get some macro on the hands. Nice work.

  6. I’m going to have to agree with the Sarah, I dispise justin bieber but this photo is exteremly creative. Good job on it. The faces in the photo make me wanna laugh but this is a very great photo!

  7. I really like the photo of the train, and all the boxcars. I think it gives off the effect of the photo being really old, and kind of in the part of town that you don’t want to find yourself in. I think that this photo was taken from somewhere up high, a bridge?

  8. I love the skiing picture with the reflection in the goggles! I also like how you can see the bright blue sky and clouds in it too. The train picture is also really cool and I love how it looks so old. They are all in focus and great photos!

  9. You did a really good job on this! I really like the limited color and all of the white that i in it makes it look like a legit poster that you would see on some 5-year-old’s wall so kudos for that. I also like all of your other photos they are really unique and show what kind of person you are and what you’re into.

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