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TodayРWe will finish up going over the copyright information located HERE. There will be a test over these myths and what the truth really is about copyright tomorrow.  When we get done going over this info today we will look at your break photos and discuss them.

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For today’s post– We are going to tae a short break from looking at the work of the advanced photography students work. Every once in a while I come across a true gem on the interwebs about photography and the importance of it. THIS is one of them. Photography is more than paper. Read through this letter that this photographer received. After reading it, what are your thoughts and feelings? Should this photographer have published this, or kept it to herself? Why?

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  1. I think it was a good idea to show this if she wanted because it will show her customers that they won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to get her photos and that karma could strike you for it.

  2. This letter made me think of how precious time really is, and that someone could be gone before you know it. Because of “Karen L”‘s wishes, I think it was a good choice for the photographer to publish this. The writer had wished that the photographer would forward the letter to anyone who cancelled a session, but by “Jeanine” publishing it, she has touched so many more persons’ hearts and made many people think about the time they are given.

  3. I think that it is very sad that this woman is dying of cancer. I think that it was good for the photographer to post it because the letter even stated that she should send it out to get a point across that pictures are more than just pieces of paper… they are memories. So it’s not like the woman wouldn’t want others to see it. And the note is supposed to be almost a life lesson and sharing that with the world is good, i guess.

  4. I think it was a good idea to publish it. Its a good thing for people to know and by letting them know about it they’ll know about how this person felt and use it in there own life. It also shows that you wouldn’t want to miss out on an opportunity to have memories of people you love in a picture.

  5. I think that it is true that photographs are more than just pieces of paper with ink on them. they are locked in memories that are there forever. i would definitely rather get photos of family then all that pampering i mean yes its nice, but the memories last forever and that material stuff only lasts for a split second. i think that it was a good thing for the photographer to share this because its a real eye-opener to those who would rather pamper themselves then be a family and have memories. it really shows that things so small like that really matter. we take these things for granted, but when you realize your going to lose it all you finally wake up and regret it when its too late. The letter is extremely sad and touching and it makes sense and i think it was a good thing to post it. maybe this will change some things for other families.

  6. I think that this is powerful and touching. Its sad that she got cancer and ended up passing. I feel bad for her children cause they lost their mom so soon and they are only 6 and 2. This letter is very true. Don’t take anything for granite, cause you may never get that chance again. I don’t know if she should have posted this letter but she did I’m glad i got to read this letter and iim sure others are too. I don’t think she should have kept this to her self cause it was a message to let others know.

  7. This probably shouldn’t have been published because it’s kinda private, but it is a very well written note. could probably be in a book someday. It makes you think about life and how short it is and how much a picture will really matter to others after the subject in the photo has died.

  8. I think the letter was sad, that she must leave her children and family. It did make me think that photos can be important and help keep memories of a special moment in life. I think it was good that the photographer published the letter because it can help people realize that photography can be special and help people remember what has happened.

  9. I feel that she really wish could change her mind and get the photos. The photographer felt like she did need to post this because it is probably something that has changed her work over and over again. I think she posted it hoping it would affect someone like it did her. I think that this letter was to much to keep to herself so she just had to share.

  10. That was a very touching letter. It makes me think more about how fragile life is and how quickly time flies. It also makes me think about what is important in life and what I have/ haven’t done with my time that I shouldn’t/ should’ve done. After reading this… I am very glad that she shared it. This letter is something that should be shared. Not only did it say that right in the letter itself, but it is something that could potentially touch thousands of people. I feel like this letter caught the true essence of photography and the time we have on this beautiful planet.

  11. The way i look at it if something shows you a lesson worth sharing witch the litter did then i think he was almost obligated to share it. Also the women in the letter pretty much said to share it to people who canceled. So he might as well show it to every one.

  12. I think it sucks that she finally realized this when she was about to die. She didn’t see the value of her memories until the end of her life was coming. I feel very sorry for her and her family. I think it’s great that this photographer published this letter to share this woman’s wisdom with people. Others deserve to view this to see the views of this lady and think about things a little bit more.

  13. Read through this letter that this photographer received. After reading it, what are your thoughts and feelings? Should this photographer have published this, or kept it to herself? Why?

    I think this letter is very powerful! I speaks in loud volumes and has some great points. I think it is absolutely a great thing that she published this letter. It shows, in a very easily way, how the importance of a photograph can be. It displays how short time really is and how we must not take things like this for granite . It shows how we may think we are saving money but however, we turn right around and spend it on something even more silly and don’t even think about it! A lot of the time it may be better to go the extra mile but gain a better outcome.

  14. After reading it, what are your thoughts and feelings? Should this photographer have published this, or kept it to herself? Why?

    This is a touching letter. I can’t imagine what it would have felt like to be the one to receive it. I love how this lady is just apologizing to this photographer, when she is actually also apologizing to herself. Her reflections were of regret and she just felt the need to apologize, when really an apology isn’t due to the photographer really. I’m glad the photographer decided to share this with the public… It is a moving story. And it sparks thought in the mind. But if i was her i would have left the letter anonymous instead of putting the lady’s name at the end of the letter, unless in fact she had permission from her.

  15. I think that the photographer should have published it because its shows how much worth photography can actually give to a family for certain reasons. I think its sad that that had to happen to her, and it was a good idea to write this letter to the photographer to let her know how she truly feels about her photography and what she did for her.

  16. This letter is very realistic and touching, and I know first hand what it is like because my mother had breast cancer and it is an extremely painful and scary thing. Should she have shared it on the web? Yes, because at some point in our lives, we face so many difficult and painful things and I think that it is important for other people to know what is going on with one another, so as a society, we can help support each other during these times.

  17. After reading this I feel that it was a good thing to share, because it stated that a photo is a memory and not a piece of paper. I like how the writer of the letter gave them permission to let them share it for people will know that its not only just a piece of paper but much more, a memory. I think that since the writer gave permission to let the photographer share it to other people that it was a good thing to publish.

  18. I think she wishes she could change her mind. The photographer felt like she did need to post this because it is probably something that has changed her. I thought it was really sad. I feel really bad for the children as well, and also the husband. this letter is very true, dont take anything for granite cause you may never get that chances again. Im glad she got to post this and im glad i got to read it, it is very powerful and touching and im sure it touched a lot of other people when they read this as well.

  19. That is a very sad letter. It makes sense though. Those things will be important and remembered for a matter of weeks at most. The photos may seem expensive, but overall they will be around to remember, forever. She should have made sure that the person who sent her the letter was ok with her sharing it with the world.

  20. I think it was okay of her to share on her blog, and since the woman gave her permission to share, yes it is okay though I think it was somewhat personal and ends up looking like an advertisement or guilt trip. I mean times are hard and 200 dollars is a lot to some people, so I think that if someone wants to just cancel their session she should just let it go and not send the letter to people. I think it seems like a guilt trip like saying “Please don’t spend your money on something useless and get a portrait because it could be the end” which I would feel bad about. Overall, I think it was a bit personal to be shared and I don’t think having a professional portrait of your family will be anymore precious than one taken by another member.

  21. this is so true and its a great thing to have been shared. i think that it should be shown everywhere as a reminder thAt life is short may it be age desiese or incedental. and the fact that this woman had the guts to write this to her photographer shows regret and courage.

  22. Oh my gosh…

    I don’t even know what to say. that poor woman…
    she had to have been really brave to write her shortcomings to a person she barely knew. I don’t think that it was wrong at all of the photographer to post this letter on her blog, in fact, I think it was the right thing to do. This just goes to show you how every little choice that we make can drastically effect our lives. I can’t say that I would have done any differently in that situation, which makes me want to re-think MY priorities. It really is true to say that everything is relative. When you aren’t about to die, getting your hair done and a manicure or petticure seems pretty reasonable to any self-loving girl. But in the face of death, they become meaningless, and we regret having ever cared so much for something so seemingly useless. But were they ever really useless? Or could it be that its just the situation that changes the meaning of the thing. for instance, a brand new, $20,000 car given to a “poor” person, would probably bring them to their knees with thankfulness, happiness, joy and probably elation at having been given such a gift. But, if you were to give that same car to a millionaire, it’s possible that he would shrug it off as something less than he would even normally get for himself, being that he could afford a higher priced one. Does that make either person right or wrong? I don’t really have the answer to that, I think it just depends on the person, the situation, and all the other variables. But back to the woman with cancer… wow, I wish her only the best. And I commend her for having done something so important before she died. She might not live to see the impact of her actions, but Im sure her kids will. Many of us are materialistic, as this lady MIGHt have been before she knew she had cancer, so our priorities are set so that the things in our lives are more important than the people, the memories, the intangible things. But in the face of death, I think that all of our petty thoughts, emotions, ideals and maybe even morals are stripped away and what is left is a bereft person who can see “in a different light.” and I think that light can only be described as truth. The real and deep truth that we so easily ignore due to social pressures. Who wants to be outcast by their peers simply to seek an inner truth? that seems like a silly question with an easy answer, on paper, I think we would all say that we would seek the inner truth rather than bend to the will of society. But things really are more easily said than done, and when it came down to it, one in one hundred of us would really follow their own path, instead of marching the beat of the norm. Its a sad thing, really, but it is the way that we are, and it’s better, I think, to embrace what is rather than be hard on yourself for not doing what you think you should. If you’re not doing what you think you should, do something different or don’t complain about it.
    I really think that the photographer did the right thing by posting that letter online. I hope that people share it with their friends, people they know. I think that the impact that little letter could have could be tremendous. And on the other hand, people could pass it off as “sad” or “depressing” but to say that it is either of those is to not have gotten the truth meaning the letter. I think that it was simple, and the lady didn’t try to go into eloquent detail about how sad she was about not having done what was right, but she did say what she did wrong and in that it conveyed more deeply than any words could, the meaning of those pictures, to her.
    I think her letter also puts into perspective what a picture is really worth. Is a picture just a picture, or is it something SO much more? And again, does it depend on the person who’s looking at the picture? I think so. I think that pictures really are worth a thousand words, and even those thousand words might not express the same things that a picture could. So yeah, think pictures are more important than a mani-pedi and a hair cut and color any day.

  23. After reading it, what are your thoughts and feelings? Should this photographer have published this, or kept it to herself? Why?

    After reading this letter I thought that it was very true and also very touching. I think that it’s a very powerful letter. I think that this photographer should have published this. I say this because this letter not only let others know that photography is more than a piece of paper, but they all hold special memories that are precious. Pictures are memories that tells stories when you look back at it. I feel that this an amazing message to pass onto other.

  24. First of all – I wanted to personally thanking you for taking the time to ask opinions of your students. I also want you all to know that I have taken the time to read through everyone that posted their thoughts – and very much appreciate what you all have said.

    I would like to ask all of your permission to share your blog as well as your responses in my next blog post so that everyone can see what your thoughts on my post were. I won’t do so unless you approve of course.

    Jeanine Thurston
    Fototails Photography

  25. After reading this letter, I agree very much with the woman who wrote it. It was also very touching and sad. I’m glad that the photographer published it. It’s very true and needs to be shared with the world. Photographs are so important. They look us look back at our past memories and they really help for remembering things that have happened in life. Photographs last a lifetime (unless damaged I guess…), unlike other things like hair/nails/etc that only last for a short amount of time.

  26. This letter made me realize how special time really is. This letter is really sad, and I think it was a good thing for her to post to remind people that time is a precious thing, and we should start photographing things in our life more because no one knows how much time we have left. This letter was very powerful and I think it’s a great message to pass on to people.

  27. This letter was very powerful and i feel that it was a good thing that this person shared this because every photo you take means something to you and is in someway special to you.

  28. After reading this letter it really touched my heart. I think he made the right decision in posting this letter because it is an eye-opener for everyone not just himself. He did he right thing by sharing this to the world. I think it really shows how a big majority of world spend their money and she realized that it would be better to make memories with the money rather than kissing it goodbye. After her realizing this, she wanted to share it with people she thought deserved to know. If he ended up not posting it then nobody would have experienced that feeling. I feel thankful for being able to read this and learn from it. It is a great message to pass along to others.

  29. I feel really sad. This mom has to leave her children and husband against her will. I think the photographer was right to share the letter. It’s a wake up call to a lot of people to get there priorities straight and to live for the important things in life.

  30. I think this is a very touching, and sad letter. I think that picture are more than just a piece of paper they are memories, that you can keep forever, and can look back at. My dad keeps a binder full of pictures from us snowmobiling, and i look back at them, and you remeber things, that you dont unless you look at them. They bring back memories , and are something that you should keep, cause you never know what will happen. Yes i also think the photographer should have posted this because thats what the lady wanted, and asked for it to be spread around.

  31. I think that this letter is very sad. I kind of think that maybe is she hadn’t canceled her session, maybe none of that would have happened. But you never know. I think that it is good that she published this. It show you to think twice about your actions and to think about the memories that will come with it. I think that she made the right choice by publishing this letter, and at the bottom, it even says that if you ever meet someone like this again, to show it to that person.

  32. Wow. That is really all there is to say. It’s not fair for any family to go through losing their wife/ mother and not being able to do anything to stop it. This woman was most likely an amazing woman and a phenomenal mother. It is very sad and I am terribly sorry for their loss. On the other hand, I don’t feel it was completely necessary to post this letter just because it was a private experience. I could understand posting it in her honor but maybe should have not put her name with the letter. It was very sweet about the more important things and what lasts forever over what lasts for roughly 2 weeks and is gone. The memory of the mother will be with her family forever and its a shame she canceled her session, but that was her choice and sometimes we make wrong decisions. But the memory will still be there, picture or no picture.

  33. I think this letter teaches a very important lesson. It makes me realize even more that I could be gone tomorrow and I should not waste one minute of my life. It also makes me realize that part of the reason why our economy is in a dump is because people waste money on useless and meaningless things. Also, photography wise, people need to know that a picture is worth a lot and is something one can keep forever unlike a manicure or getting their hair colored. I feel that this is an important message that needs to be passed on to others. We can greatly learn from other peoples mistakes.

  34. This letter was very sad and moving. I think that it was a good idea of the photographer to publish this. I think everything the letter said about photography not just being paper is absolutely true. By the photographer publishing this , the readers may realize what is really important in life.

  35. While reading this at first I was curious on why she canceled for those unnecessary things.. I’m still not a 100% sure on why she canceled. But it seems that she regrets not getting the photos taken and not spending her money on things that wouldn’t last as long as photos. My thoughts and feelings about this is, that I’m still a little confused, but it was touching that she wrote this letter and delivered it to the photographer. I’m not really sure why the photographer published this..? Maybe it was to show that photography is not just some moments that are captured. They are moments that will be captured forever. You can treasure them and keep them. With hair coloring, nails, and eating out for dinner; those things probably wont be with them forever.

  36. what are your thoughts and feelings? Should this photographer have published this, or kept it to herself? Why?
    after reading this it reminds me of how precious life is and how quickly it can come and go. i do think this should have been posted because it is a good thing to remind people on how fragile life really is.

  37. After reading it, what are your thoughts and feelings? Should this photographer have published this, or kept it to herself? Why?

    After reading this letter, I thought it was true. Pictures are more than just a piece of paper; they are memories. You should capture ever moment of importance. She thought that getting her hair done at the time would be good, but it was really impractical. She regretted trading in the memories for hair color that no longer was there. I think its good that she shared the letter. It reminds us that life is short and you got to capture memories while you can.

  38. This story was really touching. Its sad that this women is dying of cancer. This story has a very strong message, and alot of times to understand things or realize them we have to be put in the worst of situations, like realizing that we dont have much time to live really puts things into perspective and makes us realize what is really important in life.

  39. After reading this note she sent to her photographer it mad me really sad but it touched me. Pictures are important and the capture a moment in time that can never be replaced. They are special and if she went and got pictures instead of getting her nails and hair done, then her family would of been able to treasure the time they had left with her by always having the pictures to remind then of her. This makes me sad to think about this but it’s true. Time is very precious and we don’t have a lot of it but pictures are something we can use to saver the little time we have and it also captures important memories.

  40. I think this letter is very sad, but also true. A picture could mean very little to someone when it is taken, but in the future it will mean a lot to someone. Things like nail polish and hair coloring will always go away and they won ‘t mean anything to anyone. Pictures can safe a moment in time that needs to be remembered. I think that it was a good idea to post this to remind people that it is important to live life to the fullest.

  41. I think she should publish it. it is a great and touching letter. Its great that she has realized that there is more value to pictures then just paper. They hold memories, good times, and life.

  42. This is a very touching letter. Im very sorry for this women. It would be very hard to have cancer. I am very sorry for this woman and i wish her the best with her life. I think it was a good decision to share this letter. Now that she has shared her thoughts through a letter with everyone I think more people realize that pictures are very valuable.

  43. I think that this letter is very heartfelt. I really enjoyed reading it and realizing how important photographers really are to the world. I think that this should be published, it is and always will be a letter stating what photos can mean and how fast life can go by. The only reason i could think that it wouldn’t be published is if maybe the person who wrote the letter suggested that it not be shared. Overall all, it took lots of guts to write an almost apology letter to both the photographer and herself. The truth hurts.

  44. After reading this letter i realized you need to live life everyday and make something out of it. We take many things for granted. This woman didn’t think that 500 dollars was worth some photos, but in reality she didn’t realize how life would play out, so take opportunities that will last a life time. I do think this photographer should have shared this, not for business but for the message it sends. Many people look at this and look at there life’s and they realize all things they take for granted like there family, house, and friends. Its not about the money you spend but the memories you make.

  45. I think that every word of the letter is true and that they probably figured out what really matters until it was too late. If I was in the position that this person founder her self in I can’t say I would cancel the session. Memories are more important than my hair and fancy dinners. I feel that the photographer had a good reason to publish this and I would have done the same exact thing because people should really consider the repercussions of everything they.

  46. I think that publishing this paper was the photographers choice, and she chose to so yes it was a good idea. I wasn’t really touched by the letter, I think that money went into good use. With it being her last week out of the hospital having a good time with herself and her family I think was a good choice. I would have done the same thing life is meant to be lived, if she bought the photo shoot then she probly would have spent the week at home. People should not look back and regret decsisions that they make especially laying on their death bed.

  47. This really makes me think of what I’m doing with my life. It makes me feel sad because I think we forget about the important stuff. I think that this post reminds people of that so I’m glad that she did post this. It’s a great message to everyone.

  48. I think that a photograph is more than a piece of paper with ink on it. This letter is very real, and touching. It makes you remember what is really important in your life. Not a manicure, or getting you hair done, but your family and how you pass on that memory. Should she have shared this? Yes. Everyone goes through painful things in their lives… and other people need to know about it so we can support one another. In hard times like this women is going though, you need the memories of your friends and family to get through, and I think that she just realized that.

  49. After reading it, what are your thoughts and feelings? Should this photographer have published this, or kept it to herself? Why?
    This was very sad and touching at the same time..It really makes you think about all of the things we take for granted…I think it was a great idea for that photographer to publish this it sure touched my heart and I’m sure many other people as well.

  50. The letter that this woman wrote was very sad but at the same inspirational. It makes you realize that we shouldn’t waste time on consuming things without any appreciation, a picture is not just a picture but captures a memory, our time here certainly is short and we should cherish every moment we have and everyone in it. I’m glad that this photographer put this up because it makes people see what really matters, especially from the perspective of a dying mother. Yes, this letter is certainly personal but obviously this woman wanted people to realize that “portraits are more than paper”.

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